Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Scout

I can't believe I am writing this already, but I am 12 weeks with our newest baby. I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks great. I was surprised that I got my second ultrasound today. It was so neat to see how much this baby has grown in the last four weeks. It took my breath away again to see a little person in there.
When I picked Addie and Ben up from my friend's house I showed Addie the pictures and asked her what she saw. She looked at the pictures and said "Baby Scout" and then she started showing her friends Scout's picture. Scout is the name that we have chosen for this baby since we are not finding out what we are having. Scout will not be the final name, just a nickname so I don't have to say It. Addie has decided from the very beginning that Scout is a girl, but she has been willing to accept recently that I could have another baby boy. The first time we talked about it she said "We already have a baby boy" She is so funny.
I know ultrasound pictures are always a little blurry, but this is such a beautiful pciture to me. I love the little nose. I got to see the little hands and my favorite little baby feet. I am still in shock that we are already under 200 days until we get our little Christmas surprise.


  1. That is such a sweet picture, Amy!

  2. So awesome! How fun that you aren't finding out the gender (I didn't know you had it in you :-P) I LOVED not knowing...but I think it might be different when you've found out with the others--I'll be interested to hear what you think once you're holding perfect little Scout in your arms!!! Such a great pic!!! Glad you're enjoying every moment!!!