Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Bennett!!!!

Last weekend we celebrated Bennett's first birthday. I was a little in shock all day and I cried a few times, I can't believe that our little man is already a year old. We had his party at a place called Old MacDonald's Farm. It is a petting zoo with a train and a playground and pony rides, and basically a very cool place. We tried to start the party early to avoid some of the Texas heat, unfortunately we still had a pretty warm day. Thankfully we had plenty of shade and lots of drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Here is our friend April and her little girl Sarabeth feeding the deer with Addie. The deer walk right up to you and eat our of your hand. You have to be careful because the deer will rip the paper bag open to get to the food.

Ben was more interested in the food itself.

Jon took his turn feeding the deer.

I wanted to make sure to get a family picture at this birthday party. Addie was already pretty warm and Ben was tired because he didn't get his morning nap.

Addie all decked out in her cowgirl gear.

The peacocks came right up to our pavillion too. The kids were very interested, but no one wanted to get too close.

Krystal and her kiddos, Nick and Adalee, checking out the peacocks.

Addie loved the cowboy hat because the sun was so bright. I think this is the first time she was really willing to wear it.

Ben's cowboy hat cupcakes.

Ben was so tired by the time we sat down for cake that he just started crying. It was so pititful.

He got some help blowing out his candle.

Then Daddy gave Ben a little help tasting the frosting. It was funny to watch the tears just stop.

He started to dig in on his own.

My handsome little man loving his cake.

After cake we had to do a little wardrobe change. The whole party went and got on the train for a ride around the property. These train cars were not made to fit 2 adults and 2 kids, but the train was filling up and we all wanted to go together so we made it work.

Grace and Hunter rode in front of us.

April and Sarabeth were in the car ahead of them. Everyone else made it onto the train, I just couldn't get any pictures because I was wedged into the seat.

Addie went back for more watermelon to stay hydrated, smart girl.

We went to look at and feed some of the other animals. The llamas were so hot they looked kind of pathetic.

We made it to the pony rides and Ben rode his pony like a champ.

I was so proud of Ben.

The girls were trying to get the nerve up to pet the pony. Addie loves horses. Every time we drive by one she gets so excited, but every time she gets the chance to ride a pony she chickens out.

This time Jon just grabbed her and plopped her on the horse. I wasn't sure if she was going to panic, but she did so well.

She had so much fun! I was so proud of her to finally ride a horse.

Addie loved looking at all of the animals, especially the little ones. This little donkey was adorable.

When it was time to pack up I put the leftover cupcakes in a tray in the wagon. As I was getting everything else ready to go Ben made his way over to the wagon and started to dig into the frosting. He was so tired at this point that he started crawling away and crying after I realized what he was doing.

This was our little party heading home. I thought this picture was so funny, no one travels light any more with all these kiddos.

Ben drained his bottle and fell asleep in record time.

Here is Ben's 12 month picture. I am going to do a collage of all 12 month pictures taken on this blanket. We went in for his 1 year well baby check up, he is 22 pounds and 30.5 inches long. He has 7 teeth and he is standing all by himself. He is such a sweet little man. He sleeps a lot. He takes two long naps during the day which makes me think he is growing again, but we will see. Just because I know I was curious Addie is weighing in at 28 pounds right now, only 6 pounds differnce between our two kiddos, no wonder I am worn out by the end of the day.

Here is a fun little project that I did for Ben, it says Happy Birthday with pictures of our little guy. A friend of mine made one for her son and it was so cute I had to try a version for myself.


  1. Very nice Amy, you have been busy today, I missed talking with you. Laura left for her trip, it is pretty quiet around here.