Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Busy VBS Week and a great Saturday.

We had a busy week this week while I helped to teach Vacation Bible School. I had so much fun teaching a Kindergarten arts and crafts class, but it was so exhausting. I took nice long naps almost every day. Thankfully I was feeling good all but one day . Here are some pictures that Addie and Ben came home with at the end of the week.
The theme was Saddle Ridge Ranch, our little cowgirl.

Isn't this the most precious picture? It just melts my heart every time I look at it. Addie has been saying some of her memory verses from the week all weekend.

Bennett, our little cowboy. He was a good sport this week even though he missed his morning nap every day. He really enjoyed his morning nap today.

At our house the kids usually wake up from the afternoon nap around 4:30 or 5. Both kids are so ready to see their Daddy when they wake up if I even look out the window or say the word Daddy they make a bee line for the front window. They get so excited when he actually pulls up.

They are so cute now that Ben is standing up.

I love it when they are sweet to each other. Ben was screaming in this picture, but it looks really cute.

Our front window looks out over a very healthy lantana plant. The butterflies love this plant and Addie loves watching the butterflies. It is so neat to see how excited she gets about the butterflies.

This morning we got up and decided to paint a shelf for Addie's bedroom. She was so excited that it was going to be pink and that she got to help. It was fun to work on the shelf with her. She ended up with paint on her leg, on her clothes, in her hair. It was a successful paint job. Hopefully we will be able to finish it tomorrow and get it in her room, she is going to be so excited to have her new pink shelf in her room.

Next we went and planted some sunflower seeds. Addie loves plants so I hope they grow.

She loves helping to water our flowers.

Jon got his Father's Day special dinner tonight. Everyone was pretty excited.

Steak, crab legs, corn on the cob and brownies for dessert.

All of this great food and Ben ate the corn on the cob. He loves to get the whole thing and chew on it.

Tonight he had two pieces and he would put one on the table while he ate and then he would switch. It was so funny.

Addie decided that she loves crab legs! She kept asking for more crab. Jon and I were cleaning it as fast as we could and she kept eating it. We had to make her eat the steak and the corn or I think she would have eaten all of the crab legs herself. Jon gave her the claw to play with and it was pretty funny.

We are looking forward to a great day at church tomorrow and more time to celebrate Jon and the wonderful Dad that he is.


  1. Sounds like you have been really busy! Glad you felt well most of the week!

  2. Ethan does the same things when I even mention the word "Daddy". He makes a run for the door =) Cute Pictures!

  3. LOVE the pics of the kids at the window-too cute!!! Happy fathers day jon!

  4. especially love the pic of addie praying!!!
    sounds like fun days.