Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day

I know I am a little behind, but we have been having so much fun I haven't had time to upload all of the great pictures we have taken.
This Memorial Day we went to a friend's house for a BBQ. We decided to get some family pictures before we went into the back yard with the kiddie pool and water slide.
We were able to get a good family picture.

Granmda and Poppa were able to get a good picture with the kids too.

For some reason Ben was in a funny mood.

After we got the family pictures done we took the kiddos to the backyard for some water fun. Ben was not that impressed with the water at first. Addie was trying to 'help' him have fun, but I'm not sure that she was really helping the situation.

Poppa was there to stop her abuse.

It was pretty hot on Monday afternoon so we gave Ben a cup of water and let him go to town. He loves drinking water. If you look at his belly you can see that not much water actually gets in his mouth. He does this with sippy cups too. He sucks the water into his mouth and then spits it all back out. I am afraid to give him milk in a sippy cup because I am not sure I can deal with the mess. This set up was perfect though. He could spit as much water as he wanted to.

He looked like such a big man sitting in the plastic chair.

I'm not sure that Addie ate anything at the BBQ other than watermelon. Every time I saw her she had another piece.

The boys taking a little rest in the hammock before we had to pack up the kids and all of our stuff. We had a great Memorial with all of our friends and family.


  1. Such a cute family pic!!!! I LOVE your American flags up and down your walkway--great idea (can I remember it for next year?...hhmmmmm!) So glad you had fun and are doing well!

  2. Thanks Jen, I wish I could take credit for the flags, but that is all my friend Ashley. She is a former Army wife too and their house looked so cute for Memorial Day.