Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Four Weeks

It has been a busy 4 weeks with all of the holidays and adjusting to our family of 5

Here is our little man. I have never had a newborn in the winter and I have been so nervous about him getting sick. Two nights ago I noticed he was a little stuffy so the next morning I called the doctor. She had an opening that day so I went ahead and took him in. She said he looked great and he was probably just stuffy because of the dry air in the house from the heat. I feel like a first time mom with Garrett, there are just enough things that are different this time around.
We did get a chance to weigh our little chunk, he is almost 10 pounds. He is not quite as big as Ben at this age, but he is definitely a healthy little man.

Bennett was playing in the house while I took some pictures of Garrett and this is what I found him doing when I was done.

Then I gave Ben a breakfast bar for a snack and he put the whole thing in his mouth. I was afraid he wasn't going to like the new flavor I got, but I don't have to worry about that.

Here is my little princess watching a movie in my room. She is still wearing her pajamas after nap time, it has been one of those lazy days at home and it has been so much fun.

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