Friday, January 21, 2011


Today we met Jon for lunch and then we took Ben for a haircut. He really wanted to get into the car, until it was time for him to sit down and then he wanted nothing to do with it. We gave him his Hamm and a sucker and the hair dresser was able to cut his hair. She did a very good job cutting the hair of a moving target.

Addie has never had her hair cut before and I don't think she had ever been to a salon before to see someone get their hair cut. While we were all there we decided that she needed to get her hair trimmed. She was not excited about the idea at first, she wants long hair like Rapunzel, but eventually she realized that we weren't going to cut all of her hair.

Ben had fun playing with the trains while he waited for Addie.

Addie's hair has gotten long, you just can't tell with all of the curls.

Our happy girl with her first hair cut.

She still has her beautiful curls.

I really wanted a picture of both the kids with their new hair cuts, but it was nap time and we had already used up all of our bribes for Bennett.

So I had to settle for a picutre of our beautiful little girl. She is getting so grown up and she was such a good listener today, I was so proud.

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