Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Mom was a Busy Bee

We were very lucky that my mom was able to come and spend a month with us while we were waiting for Garrett to come and then for his first 2 weeks. While she was here she worked on several projects for us.
Here are the curtains that my mom made for Addie's room. They are pieced together with a curtain that I had bought and fabric that I had in my apartment in college.

She also found the ruffled bedskirt that is so cute.

More of Addie's room.

Here is the master piece that are Garrett's curtains. I needed curtains in this room because it is so bright during the afternoon and I wanted our little guy to be able to take nice long naps. She made the cornice to that we still have the beautiful window, but the blackout curtains cover everything when they are closed.

She also made the coordinating bed skirt.

This is a headboard that I made for the room. There is a crib in this room too, but we just didn't get a picture of it.

These are Ben's curtains. She didn't make them this trip, but she did make them. They are lined with black out lining too and I don't know what we would do with out them. The quilt was Ben's Christmas present from Nana, my mom's mom. It has the same cowboy print from Ben's curtains on the back and it is so cute. My Aunt Wendy also worked on the quilt, Nana made quite a few quilts this year for Christmas. There are some very talented women in our family.

Here is Addie with her quilt, so cute. She loves blankets so this was great for her. Jon and I got a beautiful quilt, but I will post a picture of ours once I have it properly displayed.

The last project we did was a joint effort of my mom and dad and Jon and the kids tried their hardest to help. Our pantry is a good size, but the shelves did not utilize all of the space that we had. To fix this we ripped out part of the existing shelves and my Dad and Jon built shelves that went on each side of the pantry that went from floor to ceiling. They are amazing. They hold so much food and it is easy to find.

Ben really wanted to help GeeGee with his project.

My mom caulked all the way around every shelf after they went in. It was almost time for my family to head back to Florida and the shelves hadn't been painted yet. My mom woke up at 3:30 and put two coats of paint on the shelves for me.

I don't think the shelves would have gotten done any other way and she knew it.

Here is a picture of my newly remodeled, fully stocked pantry. I love that I can see exactly what I have and exactly what I need. We have come a long way from our first house in Colorado that had no pantry and I had to store our canned goods in the garage.

I feel so lucky to have so many talented people in my life that help to make life a little bit easier in this crazy season of our lives.


  1. LOVE the pantry!!!! I would probably just hide in there. Btw, the kids are pretty cute too:)

  2. that is definitely the pantry of a woman who coupons! ;)