Thursday, June 23, 2011

Addie's Big Adventure

Addie left on her first big adventre with out me today. My mom has talked about her grandchildren coming to spend time with her since I was pregnant with Addie. It always made me so scared to even think about it, but as Addison has grown up I knew she would have so much fun. When my mom, Nannie, offered to fly out and get Addison and fly home with her I thought it would be a great opportunity for everyone. Addie has been so excited about this trip. She has been asking me to pack for weeks. Today we drove down to Hobby Airport and headed inside
Getting everyone and all of our stuff inside ended up being more of a challenge than I had anticipated. A double stroller, a suitcase, an umbrella stroller and a car seat, with all three kiddos was a mountain of stuff. Thankfully a gentleman saw me struggling through the parking lot and came to my rescue. I am so thankful that God puts people in my life that help me whether I think I need it or not. He couldn't hear so he didn't hear me trying to tell him I didn't need any help.
When the kids saw Nannie they were so excited. I love watching the kids run to Nannie or Daddy or whoever they are so excited to see.
There was lots of love as we had about an hour to wait before they needed to go through security.
Ben felt left out when I was taking the picture before with everyone else in it.
Nannie getting some love from Garrett.

Just spending an hour in the airport with all three kids made me so thankful that we don't have any major air travel planned. I love my children, but I know not everyone does. You should have seen the looks we were getting as Ben shrieked his way through the airport. I wanted to reassure everyone that he was not getting on a plane today.

It was a fun little visit with Nannie.
And then it was time to go. This will be the longest time I have ever been away from Addie and the furthest away from her. I know she is going to have lots of fun with Nannie and GeeGee and Aunt Laura and I am going to get to spend some special time with my boys.

Addie said she isn't going to miss Bennett, but I know they will be happy to see each other in a week.
My big girl headed through security. I got a text from my mom when they were at the gate, she said "Addie nearly took on TSA when they made her hand over her lion (stuffed animal). Traveling during nap time not sure I thought this through all the way."
They are flying right now and I can't wait to hear about all of the fun adventures they have together.

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