Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

I know you have probably seen all of these on Facebook, but I wanted to share about our wonderful photographer. Amanda goes to our church and she is a good friend. She came on Sunday afternoon and helped capture the craziness that is our family right now. You can see more of her work here at Tibbe Denson Photography. If you are in the Houston area I highly recommend Amanda, she is so much fun to work with. Thanks Amanda!

Addie just looks like her sassy self in this picture, I love it.
This picture just makes me smile. This was taken the night before his surgery and I was so nervous.

Ben found this ball at the park and he decided that he needed to have this ball in his hand for the rest of the photo shoot.
If you could have heard the big kids while we were taking this picture you would have thought we were torturing them.

It almost looks like they are laughing in this picture, but they are not. They were so upset that I was making them lay in the grass, again another rare form of mom torture.

After I let the big kids get up Garrett stayed on the ground, he rolled over onto his tummy. We tried to get him to look up at the camera, but he was mesmerized by the grass. I realized this was the first time he had experienced grass. He touched it and stared at it and then he started trying to eat it. It was so funny to watch.

My absolute favorite picture. Do you know what captured their attention? A tube of M&Ms that I was shaking above the photographer's head.


  1. I absolutely loved all of y'all's pics and the way she captured y'all! They are so awesome! Such fun memories to have forever! She is so stinkin good. I can't wait for bebeGirl to get here so she can photograph her! :)

  2. Beautiful family and Amanda did such a great job capturing it.

  3. AMAZING pictures!! Such treasures!! (Wish I lived in Houston!!)