Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Pool Party!

This weekend our Sunday School class was invited to a home for a pool party. This is an annual thing, but we were out of town last year so this was our first time to go. The back yard was stunning, the pool was beautiful. Bennett took advantage of the food table being unattended when we first got there and helped himself to a cookie.
Addie was ready to go. She has turned into quite the little fish recently. She is swimming short distances now and she is so proud of herself. She does still need some help, but she is so brave in the water and I am so proud of her.
She was so hungry, but she didn't want to get out of the water. I found her sitting in the water with her plate on the edge. I made her get out, but she would only sit down long enough to take a bite and then she would go back to the pool. She did eat a lot of food so I didn't mind too much.
Ben is going to start a new trend, the bathing suit pants. His short little legs are just no match for his big boy shorts.
Here is my biggest kid jumping off the top ledge of the waterfall. I did say this backyard was amazing didn't I? In this picture Jon is asking the owner of the house if it is safe to jump.
Here is our daredevil Ben following his Daddy's example and heading up the rocks.
I was about to have a stroke when I thought Ben was going to jump. He really thought about it, but in the end decided to climb back down with Daddy's help. I couldn't believe how brave he was.
Garrett took a little nap while we were there. He has not been sleeping much the last couple of nights so his naps are important, now if I could just get one.
I love this picture.
Ben enjoying another cookie, this one had blue icing. Yes, he did eat something other than cookies, I think.
Addie using someone's water gun, she almost got the camera, her aim was better than I thought it would be.
The kids played hard for hours. I knew we were almost done when Ben asked me to take the floaties off and that he wanted a towel.
He loves the water, but he was ready for a rest.
Garrett cuddling with Daddy.
Oh my gosh, I did not realize how many pictures there were of Ben eating cookies. I feel like a terrible mother now.
Our happy little Garrett has not been around as much lately so I am treasuring these smiles right now.
A quick self shot with my little man.
Does any one remember Fivel, the mouse from An American Tale? I can't help but think that Garrett looks like him, it's the ears.
There were so many sweet babies there, baby Landon looking sharp in his hat.
Baby Carson who always has the sweetest smiles.
One of Carson's big brothers. Dylan had just jumped off the ledge and was pretty happy about it.
Baby Archer who kept his Momma busy all night.
Baby Ayden who is growing up so fast.
Landon took a little rest.
Jackson taking a short break for some food. These kids played hard in the water.
The littlest baby there, Raylan is just 5 weeks.
Tahlia and her mom having a chat.
Eduardo got to spend some time with Garrett tonight to give my arms a break. Lexa was hanging out with Eduardo too.
Ashley got to spend some time with our littlest guest.
Little Lexa was such a ham for the camera. Here she is eating a yummy blue cookie.
She really enjoyed the cookie.
Here she is having some fun with her mom.
We all had such a great time visiting with our friends.

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