Monday, June 27, 2011

Silly Sunday

I got the boys all dressed up this Sunday for church and I had time left over to get some pictures.
Ben does not really like having his picture taken so it is usual a battle.
I feel like I kind of won this time.
Until this point when he was crying.
But Daddy made everything okay again!
Garrett is such a little ham.
He loves the camera and starts smiling as soon as he sees it.
I don't know why they were both so interested in the ground.
This is where I really missed Addie, she is usually the one that holds Garrett. She is very good at making sure he doesn't fall. Ben is not so good at holding his brother. It usually ends up with him saying "All done" and pushing Garrett away from him.
Or rolling a car on his head.
At this point we were done. Jon was going to try and get one with me in it, but I didn't think it as worth torturing the boys any longer.
Here is Hazel's new favorite perch. We rearranged Addie's room and she now has access to the window sill.

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