Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our House

With all the craziness that was going on the weekend of the birthday party my mom still managed to work on a couple of projects for me. Before Garrett was born I wanted to have a nursery set up for him, but we didn't know if we were getting a him or a her. My mom originally made window coverings for this room to make it our wonderful guest room/nursery. She had done such a beautiful job that when we decided to put Bennett and Garrett into a room together I tried everything I could to not have to switch the rooms around. In the end it didn't make sense to keep both boys in the smaller room while our guest room got all the extra space.
My mom had already made the cornice board, and the cow print came off the cornice board in Ben's room. The denim are old jeans that I was getting rid of anyway. My Mom is amazing when it comes to this kind of thing. The curtains were from Ben's room, but they were a little small for this window, so she worked her magic and now they are the perfect blackout curtains for the boys. Garrett's crib is in here too, and when I have the artwork on the walls finished I will show that side of the room.
The boys are doing great sharing a room, I was a little nervous, but they are champs. Even nap time hasn't been a problem. We are very blessed with some great sleepers.

Here is Nannie's contribution to the guest room. I love the birds on a wire fabric and the yellow is so happy. The blackout curtains in here are fabulous, you can't see the sun at all.
Just to show that I have helped decorating my own house, here is the headboard I made. I am working on a few finishing details and then I will show the rest of this room too. Our guest room is always available if you are ever in Houston!

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