Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life is Good

Last week we rented a pontoon boat and a jet ski for half a day. It was so much fun!
Laura was on the jet ski quite a bit.
She had fun zooming around while the pontoon boat took its time getting places.
She took Nannie out for a ride,
Ben went with Aunt Laura
he had so much fun going fast. We all took a turn on the jet ski except Addie and Garrett. They said when we returned it we had used the most fuel they had ever seen in that amount of time. Laura and Jon were very proud of themselves as they used up most of it.
GeeGee getting some expert help driving the boat.
She is a natural.
Daddy and Ben checking out the horizon.
We headed out to Shell Island, an amazing place to hang out and look for sea shells.

Garrett was a happy boy when we got to Shell Island and took the life jacket off of him.
Addie had fun splashing in the water looking for shells.
Nannie and GeeGee and the beautiful Florida dunes.
They took their turn and headed out for a spin.
I love pictures from behind with my kids, in this picture Ben was throwing a major fit and was stalking off, but in this photo you would never know.
He did cheer up when he got into the water.
I found this whole sand dollar and I was so excited. I made sure to protect it all day and then I left it on the boat. I was so sad. It would have been really neat to keep this one because I still have one that I found 8 years ago the first time Jon and I went out on a boat together.
Addie was more brave than I thought she would be with the waves.
There were little fish that hung out near out boat. They really liked it when we dropped in a chip.
Addie tried so hard with her little net, but was unsuccessful.
Everyone had so much fun that day.
Addie LOVES her oreos. She definitely gets that from me.
This picture makes me laugh every time.
Little man fell asleep in Jon's arms, it was so precious.
Garrett fell asleep when the boat was moving.
They both slept while we cruised around, it was so peaceful.
This is Laura's college that she has started taking classes at. If you look closely you can see the Library sign, not too shabby of a view for a library.
We ran into dolphins a couple of times. It was so neat how close they came.
It looked like 2 adults and a baby.
They played around us for a while.
And then they swam away.
This little guy was not a fan of the life jacket, his face cracked me up.
Nannie's toes were very festive. Laura did the stars and stripes for her.
After all that fun we stopped for ice cream. It was pretty much a perfect day.

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  1. What a fun day! We rented a boat and went to Shell Island when we were in FL as well...L was so excited to see a dolphin so close! Glad y'all are having fun.