Sunday, July 17, 2011

Final Thoughts

We have done a lot of playing, swimming, eating, and having fun while we have been here at Nannie and GeeGee's house. We are so lucky to have family that we can come and enjoy so much time with.
Aunt Laura and I were having a little water fight.
Ben and Addie were having so much fun splashing. Mondi of course was there to watch over everything.

Ben had fun riding on my back while I swam. Both of the kids have gotten so brave in the water.
Garrett has been eating a lot more solid foods. He is the first of our children to like avocado.
Pinot loves to just sit with people. She is at her happiest when she is cuddled up getting some love. Addie and Pinot have become great friends and now Addie is telling everyone that she is getting a Pomeranian, we will see.
Ben, Pinot, and Aunt Laura getting a cuddle.
One of many breakfasts we ate at the bar.
Addie was singing and dancing in the rain. She loves using an umbrella.
Ben has had some crazy 2 year old fits while we have been here. He threw a major fit while we were on a walk the other day. He ended up falling asleep in the stroller, Garrett fell asleep too, but he wasn't throwing a fit.
Garrett finally got to get in the water. Between his surgery and the blazing sun we hadn't gotten him in the water yet. He loved it so much. He kicked his legs and splashed with his arms, it was so fun to watch.
When we finally got him out his little feet were so pruny. He didn't fuss at all though, he was so happy to be in the water.

We are really going to miss Nannie and GeeGee and Aunt Laura, but we are already planning our trip back for next summer, that helps. I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as we are enjoying ours. Our next week will be at the beach with all of Jon's family, it is going to be a little bit crazy and a lot of fun, I will have lots of pictures to share.

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  1. What an action packed trip! Looks like so much fun! I love all the beach pictures (the snoozing boys, garrett's face squished in the life jacket, etc.)--glad you at least got a pic of your sand dollar! Have fun next week, too!!!