Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Road Again

This picture made Jon and I laugh because we have one of Addie that is almost identical. I think that means it is time to buy our kids a new set of headphones. We broke out the DVD player so that Bennett could watch a movie while we made the 12 hour trek down I-10 to see Nannie and GeeGee. We tried something different this time, we left our house in Texas around 4 in the afternoon, drove for a couple of hours, stopped and ate dinner and then drove through the night. Jon started things out and got us past midnight and then I took over and got us the rest of the way. It worked really well since we just had the boys with us. Ben had a hard time sleeping, but he was content in the van and Garrett was a champ.
We were all very happy to get to Florida and see Addie!
We got in at 4 in the morning so we said our hellos and then headed to bed for a little more rest. Once we were all up the kids wasted no time in having fun. Drinking chocolate milk like big kids outside.
The pool is so beautiful and we have all had so much fun.
Addie is turning into quite the swimmer, the first time I saw her swim all by herself I started crying, I can't believe how grown up she seems.
Ben was ready to start antagonizing his sister again, he missed her so much.
GeeGee got some quality time with Garrett.
Mondi the dog likes to bark at people when they jump in the pool, it is a little game he plays. The kids were loving it.
Addie loves to jump in.
Ben looks like Bam Bam walking around with this bat.
More jumping in.
The next day Addie was showing off her new skills with a knife, cutting up her french toast. She is so grown up after only a week away.
Garrett and I hanging out.
A little family dance party. Nannie had some good music cranked up and we all had fun.
That would be a big mouthful of watermelon.
More watermelon.
Bath time and kiddos that love to ham it up for the camera, I love it.
I promise I did not pose him, he did this completely on his own.
Aunt Laura had to get in to finish the job.
These kids have been wearing themselves out! They are having so much fun.
All ready for church and still so happy to be with each other again.
I love some good coordinating/matching outfits.

We are having such a fun visit! And there are a lot more pictures to come.

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