Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We are still on vacation, but I have taken so many pictures I am trying to catch up before I get home.
The town that my parents live in has a parade that we can walk to, and a fireworks display just a couple of blocks away. After celebrating the 4th in Houston last year and all of the traffic that that involves we decided that we like the small town celebration better.
Here we all are in our red, white and blue.

My Mom had some great decorations up. They made it fun to take pictures.
I helped put together this wreath. I think it turned out so cute, my mom is so creative.
GeeGee and Ben walking down to the parade, I love this picture.
Garrett was very intent watching the parade.
Addie had patriotic candy!
This was our set up for the parade this year. My parents have great neighbors that let us use a piece of their yard to set up camp.
The boys walking down the street after the parade.
Aunt Laura and Addie having fun.
GeeGee got in to the spirit of things. They threw so many beads and candy this year. It helps that we are near the beginning of the parade.
I love my parent's house, but I especially love it all decked out in patriotic decorations.
After the parade we came back to the house for food and swimming.
Garrett is such a happy little man, he was content to be a part of the action.
Addie eating one of her all time most favorite foods.
After nap time Aunt Laura and the kiddos eating ice cream.
Nannie was a busy bee all day long, after everyone else had taken a nap she finally crashed for a quick rest.
Even Mondi the dog was worn out from playing so hard.
Ready for fireworks, Addie and Aunt Laura were sporting matching bandanas.
On our way to the fireworks and feeling festive.
GeeGee resting his eyelids for a minute.
Having fun waiting for the show to start.
Ben was a trooper during a long day.
Family photo fun!
Daddy was feeling REALLY festive.
Addie does not like loud noises, she was really worried about the fireworks.
Then the show started.
They weren't as loud as Addie had feared.
Everyone liked the show!
Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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