Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cape San Blas

After two weeks at my parents house with a pool in the backyard we headed to Cape San Blas for a week with the Hilton family. This is our beach house in the background. We were so close to the beach, it was amazing.
Garrett and Ansley meeting for the first time. They are the babies of each family.
All of the girls. I love these pictures. This was one of the best trips for Addie, Haley and Gracie. They are getting to an age where they play together so well and really seem to have fun.
Shana was very happy to be on vacation.
Es trying out one of his toys. It was a little off center, but it was still fun.
There were tons of fish and the girls were having fun checking them out.
James with Haley and Gracie.
At the beginning of the week Jon and I thought that spray sun screen would be enough, we were wrong. I was the one that sprayed his back the day before and I felt terrible, but not so bad that I would miss taking a picture.
Every afternoon during nap time Shana and I headed down to the beach for some sun, girl talk and a walk down the beach. This has become a tradition for us and I look forward to it every time we get together at the beach.
Poppa getting some snuggle time with Garrett.
Sweet little Ansley. I made this bow for her and it was small enough it actually stayed in her hair, for about a minute.
Grandma and Garrett.
Josiah is getting so grown up.
There was a lot of playing with cell phones this week. These kids are all so technologically savvy.
We cooked every night, partly because our family is so big it would cost a fortune to take every out, and partly because there is no where to go! These were our steak kabobs one night, they were delicious.
Garrett LOVED the ocean. He wanted to get down and swim, it was so cute. Jon was taking a picture of us and just happened to catch this jumping fish in the background.
Addie helping Poppa fish.
Checking out a big fish this time.
James and Si getting the fishing stuff ready.
Si has started football practices and he was doing some push ups. Ben got down and was doing push ups with him, it was so sweet.
I love Ansley's little ruffles on her bathing suit. Watching her walk around the beach still a little unsteady was so precious.
We had a great week at the beach, with 14 people in a 4 bedroom house it was kind of a tight squeeze, but we made a lot of wonderful memories.

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