Thursday, December 1, 2011

A trip to the Zoo

At the zoo with Nannie, GeeGee and Aunt Laura. If you want to come and visit us, we have season passes to the zoo now and we can get friends in with us. It was a beautiful day for the zoo.

Addie was ready for a day of fun!
She makes me smile every day, look at her little hand on her hip!
Ben and Addie playing the drums in the African Forest. When I asked Ben later, this was his favorite part of the zoo.
Ben-Ben and me.
Waiting in line to feed the giraffes.
Garrett started to get a little heavy so he got passed around.

It's our turn!
The kids all had fun giving the giraffes their lettuce.

Garrett loves to ride up on shoulders. He loved GeeGee's head, it was so funny.
Jon trying to bring back the popped collar and tucked in polo.
I love watching Ben and Addie start to become friends, they have so much fun together.
Garrett was having fun.
He cracks me up!
Yes, Garrett is kissing GeeGee's head in this picture.
Just moments after this the duck bit Jon's hand and then Ben's hand. Don't worry, they weren't hurt.
Everyone was getting a little worn out.
That's everyone!
Garrett loves having his picture taken.
Now it was Aunt Laura's turn.
Nannie really liked this flower, so we tried to get a picture of her and the kiddos in front of it. This was the last thing we did before we left the zoo and the kiddos were DONE.
Next, we decided to ride the train. Addie got her play camera out of her purse and pretended to take pictures.

Nannie and Addie, so sweet.

Ben Ben did not want his picture taken, but he finally relented and stopped scowling at the camera.

After the zoo My mom, Laura and I went to see a movie, after the movie we ran into COSTCO because I had been talking about how much the kids love raspberries. This is Ben, Addie, and Aunt Laura devouring a container in one sitting. The kids are standing on the cooler that we were defrosting the turkey in.
Next up, Thanksgiving Day.

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