Monday, December 19, 2011

Celebrating Gare Bear

This little birthday boy was so happy to see Daddy!

Addie was very anxious for Garrett to open his presents.

Garrett had lots of help opening his gifts.

Just looking at the wrapping paper was pretty fascinating for him.

Yay Balloons! Nannie, GeeGee,and Aunt Laura sent a cookie bouquet. They do this for the kid's birthdays and it is always a big hit.

The cookies, beautiful

and delicious.

We let the kids have a cookie upstairs while we watched Garrett's new Veggie Tales movie. The big kids did okay with their cookies, but Garrett decided that he wanted to make as big a mess as he could.

He was just to cute I couldn't stop him.

He loves to put on a show for the camera.

He was laying on his back saying "Mmmmmmm". It was hilarious.

Addie and Ben both loved their cookies, thankfully they didn't make as big of a mess.

The next morning we got ready for a playdate we were holding at our house. It was a Christmas Pajama play date so I washed Addie's Christmas PJs for her to wear them again.

They were watching a movie while Garrett took a little nap and I finished up some of the fun snacks we had.

Snowman donuts with orange frosting noses and chocolate chip eyes. The 'snowballs' in the middle were a big hit.

The snow man cupcakes were so fun. They are stuck together with white frosting and more orange frosting for the noses.

I thought the little snowmen were so cute.

Here is Garrett's cupcake. I saved this 1 from Ben's 1st birthday.

I did try to have some healthier alternatives.

Build your own snow man with bananas, blueberries and pretzels.

The Birthday Boy!

Getting some love from big sister, Addie.

You can't see it here, but there were about 30 people there, most of them able to sing, Garrett loved all the attention.

I love Garrett's frosting mustache in this picture.

Thanks to my friend Amanda for getting some family pictures.

Garrett did not want to share with Daddy.

He really liked his cupcake and marshmallows.

He loved the balloons that came with his cookies, the kids are still playing with the balloons!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Little man feel special. I can't believe he is already 1. We go tomorrow for his 1 year check up so I will have all the stats for my long and lean Garrett.

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