Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Garrett is such a big boy now, we turned his car seat around. He loves facing forward and being a part of the action.
Thank you Aunt Shana and Uncle James for the cool new clothes. Ben and Garrett were both showing off there outfits.
Ben is such a silly little boy, I love that he is finding his voice. He is using more and more words every day and it is so fun to see him interact with our family that is here visiting and his siblings.
After lunch we went to Bouncin Bears, usually we go to Bouncin Bears first and then lunch, but out schedule just didn't work that way this time.
Everyone had so much fun playing.
I think this is Daddy's favorite place too.
Can you see how red Addie's face is? These kids don't stop the whole time we are there.
Garrett loves the little slide they have for him.
Grandma and Poppa had fun helping him up and down the slide.

Of course Ben is infatuated with the riding cars that require extra money. He loves to just go and sit in them even if they are not moving. Last time we were there he made friends with a little boy and shared his ride with him. This time I caught him asking other grandparents for money and I had to apologize and have a talk with Ben.
Uncle Joe seemed to have fun with the kiddos.
If you can't tell that is Jon, Garrett, and Addie in that pile.
Extreme Close up!
Addie loves to wrestle.
Addie and her Daddy were picking on Uncle Joe.
She is such a little monkey, she loves to climb.
Ben finally got some money to spend in the vending machine and he came out with these bright pink fangs. He thought they were great.

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