Friday, December 23, 2011

Last night Uncle Joe, Grandma and Poppa got into town. Uncle Joe is Joe Hilton, aspiring Country singer here visiting from Nashville. We all wanted to hear Uncle Joe sing so Jon found an open mic night and we loaded the family up to go watch Uncle Joe sing. Here are the kids having a pre show jam session, they were rocking out to some Christmas songs.
At Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring waiting for his turn.
Garrett was a busy little boy, he got passed around all of the adults to try and keep him content.
Uncle Joe's turn on stage, he did a GREAT job.
The kids were so excited about getting to see Uncle Joe sing, and when we get there all they want to do is play on the phone.
I loved the rustic decor.
Addie is learning how to play more games on the phone and it is so fun to watch her concentrate.
A proud Mom recording her son.
Garrett was so happy when we finally let him have a phone.
Joe sang 4 songs, and it was so fun.
Addie had brought her guitar with her and when Joe was done she grabbed her guitar and went up on stage with him.
She was so nervous, but she wanted to be up their with Uncle Joe so bad.
I love this picture!
When we left another person walked out with us to talk to Joe. Addie ended up singing a song for the man and he pulled out his wallet and gave her a dollar tip. It was really sweet, until Ben walked up to the man and asked "Can I have a dollar?" I was mortified, but it really was sweet. The man was very nice and played along. We are going to have to work on Ben a little more.
It was so fun to here Joe sing, he has been working so hard on his music and he did a great job. If you want to hear some of his music you can check him out at

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