Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Months in Norway

Today marks 2 months in Norway for our family.  In some ways it feels like we have been here much longer and other times I feel like I just got off the plane.  This morning started with some Advent activities, a paper chain to count down the days to Christmas.  This sweet girl LOVES to do any art project.  I am so glad we brought plenty of art supplies with us.  She goes through paper and markers so fast.
 The boys cuddled with Daddy for a little bit, Garrett is sporting his new "Melmo" shirt.
 Addie's new fleece, we are learning to stay warm here.  The high today is -6 C or 20F.  That is the warmest it is supposed to be for the next several days, but that doesn't slow down the Norwegians so it doesn't slow us down either.  
 Everyone got dressed in their multiple layers and we headed out to the park.  We have all taken turns being sick over the last week and a half so we were all ready to get out of the house.  
 The boys were all bundled up and snuggled into the bike trailer.  
 Jon tried out his new face warmer.
This sweet girl was ready to ride.  Did I mention the sun was out?  Hurray for the sun, even if it will have set by 4.  
 And off we went.
 Little Garrett had fun riding. 
 We had a beautiful ride, even if it was a bit chilly.
 At the park everyone had fun playing.  
 Even Daddy got in on the fun.
 Garrett wasn't quite big enough to balance out the seesaw.  

 After two months here in Norway we are even more thrilled with the opportunity to live here.  We are making great friends, learning more about the language and culture and spending some great time together as a family.  There have been challenges and I am sure we are going to encounter more, but I feel like we are right where we are meant to be.   Knowing that we are headed back to the US for Christmas with family makes things easier too.  I am sure I would be a lot more homesick for the US and all of our loved ones if I wasn't going to see them in less than 3 weeks!  

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