Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Today was another opportunity to celebrate Jonathan for his 31st birthday.  Food always plays a big role in any of our celebrations and today was no exception.  This morning we bundled up and headed to Baerum's Verk to our favorite restaurant here in Oslo.  
Garrett was ready to go, he wanted to sit in the seat like a big boy.  He was not happy when we put him in his car seat.  

We got to the Pannekake Huset just as they were opening and we were able to get a table right away.  Jon and Garrett hanging out, Garrett is showing off his new fake smile.

 Addie started digging in to her pancake, unfortunately she decided that she didn't like the pancake and didn't eat any.
 When I headed up to go to the restroom I found these two doors.  H & D.  I had a moment of panic when I realized I had no idea which one I was supposed to go in.  Thankfully a nice Norwegian woman came up and I was able to ask her.  The H stands for Herre (men) and D is Dame (women).  Now I know.
 Outside we found a little waterfall that was frozen over.  Addie was so excited to 'ice skate'.
Ben had fun with our friend, Stefan.  A shoulder ride was just the thing for Ben when his legs got tired.
That wall of white behind Jon, and everything on the ground is ice.  It was really neat.
This is the waterfall that I have taken pictures of every time I go to Baerum's Verk.  The ice was so amazing.  It was interesting how much more quiet it was this time around too.  The water was still flowing under the ice, but there was a big difference.
Jon with Garrett, Addison, Yolandi, and Stefan with Ben.
Here is a picture with me!  If you are interested in a more detailed history of Baerum's Verk I recommend this blog; My Little Norway.  This post is very informative about Baerum's Verk and the blog is a great resource about Norway.
I found this sweater at a Fretex, a Salvation Army here in Norway.  I have been waiting to have one of the kids wear it.  I LOVE how it looks on Ben.  He looked like such a handsome little man.
We had so much fun celebrating Jon's birthday with our new friends this year!

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