Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Garrett

Saturday was Garrett's 2nd birthday.  We had a fun little party planned for Garrett, but I woke up with a fever, headache, sore throat, and aches.  Unfortunately we didn't want to share our germs so we had to call our friends and cancel the party.  Garrett was able to open his presents, Nannie sent Garrett a very useful gift, Mr. Clean magic erasers!  
 The biggest hit of the day was the singing card from Nannie, GeeGee and Aunt Laura.  He has listened to it over and over again.
 It took Garrett a little while to figure out how to open his present, but once he got the hang of it he was a crazy man.  Christmas is going to be so much fun this year.
 Everyone was very excited about the train set.  After presents Jon got the kids dressed and took them to a friends house to go sledding.  They all had so much fun, and I had fun sleeping on the couch.
 After dinner I managed to frost the cupcakes I had made and Garrett was able to blow out his candle.  He was a champ at blowing out his candle!  He is growing up so fast.

This 2 candle has been around for a while.  It was first used at Abby and Blythe's 2nd birthday and then Ben's second birthday and now Garrett's 2nd birthday.  I love that this little candle has been a part of so many birthday celebrations.

We love this little man so much and we are so thankful that he is a part of our family!

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