Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Lucia

December 13 is Santa Lucia Day.  Before moving to Norway I had very little idea what Santa Lucia Day was.  This is Kirsten, an American Girl Doll, from Sweden.  She was 
There is a story about Santa Lucia Day in What Women Fear, by Angie Smith.  That was about all I knew until this year.    
Addie had a note sent home that she needed to wear a long white shirt and tinsel for her hair.  The boys and I were able to go to the school and see the show.  The children walked through the halls with small lights and they were singing the Santa Lucia song.  
Here is Addie making her way into the gym.
 She was so happy to know that we were there.
The kids sang this song for us and then we all sang along with them.  Two students told the story of Santa Lucia, one in Norwegian and one in English.  People used to think that December 13th was the day with the least amount of sunlight, they also thought that the animals could speak that night.  They had someone that would stay up with the animals to hear what they had to say.  That is what I got while trying to wrangle two squirmy little boys.  

Later that afternoon we went back for Addie's Christmas program and Jon was able to go with us!  Here is sweet Ben with Jon.

Here are the boys watching the show.  

 Addie's class did several fun songs.
 Garrett was so excited to see Addie.  He started yelling her name and pointing to her, I love it!
Here is the last part of Addie's show, they sang the Australian version of jingle bells.  Addie was a sheep and she did a GREAT job, she is the one on the right.  The whole show was a lot of fun, eve if we did have to leave a little early.  

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  1. I just dont understand this holiday! I love seeing how excited the kids get though ;) It makes it all worthwhile. :)

    Hope yall are doing well and enjoying the cold weather (although it's been quite mild the last few days!)