Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonathan and a Christmas Market

Sunday was Jon's actual birthday, he got to blow out a candle on his birthday muffin.  Now that he is 31 we have gone back to just one candle.  
 Then it was off to Addie's school for their Christmas market.  Addison got a chance to do some crafts, one of her favorite things.  Here she is decorating gingerbread cookies.
 She is one happy little girl.
 Here is the finished project, beautiful.
 One of the activities was to reach into this box and pull out a prize.  Addie kept cheating and looking at what she was getting and putting it back.
 And pin the nose on the reindeer.  The boys did get to do a couple of activities, but I wasn't there when they had their chance.
 One thing we all did together was see Santa.  The picture of all of us is on Facebook.  This was the after picture of Garrett. Even after we left the room he was terrified.  He stayed like this for several minutes, not even eating his cookie!  He finally relaxed and enjoyed his cookie, but I don't think we will be going to see Santa again this holiday season.
 Our sweet little boy.
 When we had eaten lunch, done some shopping, saw Santa, and had a special treat we headed outside to the playground.  The kids love doing snow angels.  I love watching them, they are so sweet.
 I am loving all of the pre Christmas activities here in Oslo,  This is a list of activities in Oslo, I just wish we had more time.

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