Tuesday, May 21, 2013

17th of May!

The 17th of May is a very special day in Norway, it is their Constitution Day.  We were able to meet up with friends from church for a breakfast in downtown Oslo.  Here are some girls from our church all wearing their bunad, traditional dress of Norway.  The different colors, styles and accessories show what part of Norway they are from.  The bunad are very expensive and are passed down or given as gifts.  
Addie had fun with her friend, Jessie.  Jessie's family was visiting from Canada and Addie really enjoyed having a friend her age to play with.

We knew there would be a lot of crowds so Garrett got to ride in the back pack.

Trying to get a better view of the parade.  This started out as a joke, our friends from South Africa said if they were home there would be people climbing the trees and on the wall to get a better view.  So then we all climbed up on the wall so we could see.

Jon was super Dad and had Garrett in the back pack and picked Ben up so he could see.  

My turn for a better view. 

This picture was right at Karl Johans Gate by National Theatre.  Look at all of the Norwegian Flags.

We pushed our way up through the crowds to get a better look at the Royal Family.  This is the King and Queen of Norway.

After a long morning we decided to head back to the house.

Garrett was worn out from a busy morning.

Here is the view from near our house.  I love how green the grass is getting here, the blue skies and the read barns with the Norwegian flag.  Spring is an amazing time here.  
There were a lot more festivities, parades, and activities, but we were all played out from a busy morning.  It was fun to get to experience some of the traditions from Norway's culture.

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