Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's A Boy!

This is our family all dressed in blue to celebrate that we will be welcoming another BOY into our family.  It would have been a lot of fun to have another little girl, but who can resist a sweet little boy.  We have decided on a name that we are ready to share

Malachi Lee
Each of our children's names have been chosen just because we liked the first name and the middle name is a family name.  Lee is after my Mom ( and my sister and brother) who all have the middle name Lee.  The kids have already started calling him by name when they talk about him or pray for him.

Today I got to see our sweet little man again for our official anatomy scan.  It will never be anything less than a miracle to me to watch an ultrasound and see a perfectly formed little human.  Our sweet man is measuring right on schedule and he was a very active little guy.  The ultrasound tech had a hard time seeing what she needed to see at times because he was so active.  I will say I like getting ultrasounds here in Norway because the technician is allowed to talk to you about your ultrasound while they are doing it.   You don't have to wait for a doctor to interpret your results, you can know as it is happening.  I also liked that they had a second screen mounted where I could see it so I didn't have to try and turn my head to see what was going on.

 I just love this sweet little profile.

Jon was not able to be at today's scan, he is busy meeting his new coworkers and learning his new job in Paris.  If you are wondering when we will be moving, so are we!  The immigration process has been started, but we can't move to Paris until Jon's work permit comes through and we won't know when that will happen until it happens.  It is all very exciting and stressful all at the same time.  We have one of the kiddos that have been excepted to an international school and now we are waiting on the other child to be accepted.  That is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders to know where Addie and Ben will be going to school next year.  Now I need to find something for Garrett to do as he will be very sad to see Ben go off to school without him.  


  1. We're having a boy as well! Many congrats!

  2. That is so exciting, Amy!! Love his name! I love the cake idea, and I can't BELIEVE Bennet is 4! What?! Sure do miss you guys and think about you all the time! It's not the same without y'all here! Excited for y'all's Paris adventure! :)