Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring time and a Visitor

This weekend we have been lucky enough to have Mr. Pat visiting us again.  Mr. Pat is a friend of Jon's from college and he is the only person that has been to visit us here in Oslo TWICE.  
Today was so beautiful, the nicest day so far this year, so we went for an evening walk.
The adults walked, and the kids rode their scooters.  This was the first time I had seen the kids on their scooters and they are CRAZY.  Here Ben is moving right along.  You can see his Thor hammer sticking out of his pocket.  He loves his Thor hammer and would have worn his viking helmet if we would have let him.  
I love this face.

Garrett is a crazy man on his scooter.  He loves the hills and would get going much faster than this momma liked.  Thankfully Jon can keep up with him and keep him from hurting himself.

At the top of the hill we all got a little nervous.  Garrett got off his scooter and just let it go down the hill, he had fun watching Mr. Pat chase after it.

Then Jon stole Addie's scooter and tried out the hill himself.  

At this point I had visions of ER visits in my head.  Thankfully Jon made it to the bottom with no problems.  

Then we parked the scooters and walked on the golf course paths.  There were plenty of people out at the driving range, but the course itself isn't open just yet.  The kids enjoy the path that leads to a little stream.

They all took turns throwing rocks into the stream.  Ben was very proud of these two rocks.

Garrett had fun getting his rock to throw in.

Addie is such a ham for the camera!

Mr. Pat was kind enough to take a family picture.  

Then we made the trek home and Ben got to do one of his most favorite things, climb in the tree.

Garrett got to ride his bike.  This is a picture with his helmet on backwards.  This little boy is so independent, I love it.  Thankfully he does still let us help him at times (Jon fixed his helmet as soon as I took this picture).  An example of his problem solving, he was riding his bike after we all went
And in case you are interested, here is a belly shot at 16 weeks.  This pregnancy is flying by.  I am feeling pretty good these days.  I will take a nap if I can get it and I am eating A LOT of food.  We will hopefully find out the gender this Friday!  I am so excited.  

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