Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fredrikstad for a Day

Last weekend we took the kids for a special trip.  Part of the trip was an afternoon in Fredrikstad, Norway.  There is an old fortified city that had a playground!  This weekend was also the prettiest weather we have had so far this year.  The kids were very happy to get some time outside.

Ben was having fun climbing, he is turning into quite the little monkey with all his tree climbing and jungle gym climbing.

The area was so beautiful with the water and the trees.

Jon's favorite part were the cannons.  He was telling the kids how they worked and it was so cute to watch them all re-enacting how to fire a cannon.

Garrett wanted to be carried so Jon put him up on his shoulders.  The wind was blowing hard enough that Garrett was afraid he was going to "pall down" or fall down.  He kept hanging onto Jon's face, it was adorable.

Ben loved the cannons as much as his Daddy.

My boys wanted to hold my hands, love it.

Ben had to check everything out.

Ben was ready for battle.

Addie can hold her own in a battle too.

The old city was a really neat place.

Gamle Fredrikstad

Jon was trying to get Garrett to point up to the statue with him, but Garrett was more interested in taking a look for himself.  

Now it was dinner time so we went looking for a restaurant.  This was still the weekend of the 17th of May so a lot of places were closed.  We were lucky enough to find this great little place.

The back patio was full of locals enjoying Happy Hour.  We walked in through the main dining room.  

I loved the collection of table and chairs they had. 

It was so fun to see all of the different colors and styles they had found.

We were going to sit out back, but Ben thought it was too loud.  The irony was not lost on Jon and I that Ben thought other people were being too loud.

We sat in their back dining room, and I loved that room too.  It was much more traditional Scandinavian.  I loved the grey furniture, the farmhouse tables and the pillows and throws on the benches.  

They don't really do kids cups here in Norway, unless you go to TGIFriday's.  The kids have gotten pretty good about using their glasses.

 Not sure what Addie was so happy about, but I love her expression here.

The big hit that day was the ice.  They spent most of the meal digging the ice out of their cups.

My dinner was a yummy moose burger.  The ranch dressing was awesome too.

After dinner it was back to the play ground.  Garrett took a turn pushing Addie on the swing.  

This little man is such a sweetie.

After dinner it was back to the hotel.  The kids had seen the arcade and were so excited to try it out, thank you Wreck it Ralph.  Addie played a bowling game.

Ben shot sharks.

Daddy needed to help Ben a little.

Garrett played the whack a frog game.  It was really funny to watch.

He was very intense, but his reflexes still need a little developing.

It was a great start to our weekend fun.  Another post to come with the rest of our fun.

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