Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 on 10 March

Here is another month of 10 on 10.

This guy wakes up in such a good mood every single day.  I love starting my day with his little grins.

Finishing a cup of tea, checking emails and looking at my calendar for the day.

Running a little behind, but we are finally out the door and on the way to Garrett's school. 

Garrett is at school and Malachi and I head to the grocery store.  I also count this as my work out for the day, carrying 20 pounds of love while I shop for and bag all of our groceries.

We are done and ready to move all of this to the car.

As I was leaving the parking lot I hit a curb.  I stopped at my favorite fabric store to check on something and when I got out of the car I heard a hissing sound.  That's right I had put a hole in the side wall of my tire so it could not be repaired.  The horrible part of all this is that we just replaced all 4 tires less than 2 months ago.  Thankfully there was a Midas next door so I jumped back in the car and drove over.  They ended up having to replace 2 tired because they didn't have my tire in stock.  Malachi and I walked back to the fabric store while they put our new tires on.  As miserable as this all was I am thankful the man behind the counter spoke some English and they were able to get us taken care of right away.

We made it to Malachi's doctor appointment even with our unscheduled tire appointment.  I love that spring has come to Paris already.

We are home and finally able to unload the groceries, this is house I get everything down the sidewalk and into our yard.

Bonus shot!  This is what Malachi was doing while I was unloading the car.  Every time I would walk in the room he would just light up.

We went to pick up Addie, Ben and Garrett and we are finally home, I spend a lot of my time running around these days.  Addie is being a big girl and helping me get everything inside.

This is how the kids are entertained while I cook dinner.  Addie is a great big sister and keeps an eye on Malachi for me.

After dinner we went for our first family walk in this neighborhood.  Have I mentioned that I love living here?  There are definitely challenges, but we are having so much fun.

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  1. Living in Paris???? Oh my... how I wish I have the same lucky and lovely day!"

    Kisses and blessings from Brazil.