Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adding Another Country to Our Lists, Liechtenstein

We woke up ready for a brand new adventure, I love Ben's enthusiasm.  

To drive from Vorderthal, Switzerland to Vaduz, Liechtenstein is only an hour, so on our next adventure we got up and headed out to explore another country.  
The drive there was spectacular.

I love the old churches and buildings with the mountains in the distance.

The green was gorgeous on this beautiful day.

I thought this sign was interesting, with cities from Germany, France and Liechtenstein all on it.

I was so happy to see a Welcome sign.

I like the black license plates of Liechtenstein.

Another old building off in the distance.

The pride of Vaduz, the castle.  This was our destination for the day.

Another welcome sign.

We parked the car and walked around downtown for a little while.

We found this sign for a Mexican consulate.

I love this picture of the boys with the castle above them.

We grabbed a few sandwiches at the grocery store and headed up to the castle.  We had a beautiful view as we ate our lunch and looked over the mountains.

We had to document this moment for Malachi.  We are going to have so much fun telling him about all of the cool places he went as an infant.

We couldn't go into the castle, but the grounds were fun to walk around.

I loved the castle and would have loved to explore more.

I LOVE these kiddos.  They are so sweet and we had so much fun exploring.

This picture is to show how close the cars were driving by us and they were all going so fast.  It was like they were racing up and down the hill, and they did not care that we were walking there.  I was so scared for the kids, but we survived our little walk.

When we left Vaduz we got in the car and drove back to our little village, it was a wonderful day. 

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I'm so glad you guys are having so much fun!