Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Quick Visit with GeeGee

My Dad, otherwise known as GeeGee, was able to stop over for a night this weekend.  He was in the middle of a world wide business trip and we were so thankful that he found a night to spend with us.  
Malachi was so excited to see GeeGee, he was infatuated with his beard.

Spending some quality time on the rope swing.

Pushing Ben on the other swing.

GeeGee was lucky enough to make it for Friday Night Family Movie Night and pizza.  Not a very French way to spend a night in Paris, but for a grand father it was just right.

GeeGee got a special treat, Malachi fell asleep in his arms, it was just precious.

Could this little man be any sweeter?

The next morning we had waffles made by Jon and then it was time for GeeGee to head back to the airport for the rest of his trip. 

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  1. Great photos, so glad Dad was able to stop over, love to all!