Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Last Day of Vacation

On our way home from Switzerland we spent the night in Strasbourg.  We spent the night at The Cap Europe Hotel.  The location of the hotel was great, the condition of the hotel would keep me from recommending it too strongly.  We were able to walk to a tram stop and head right into the city. 

We only had a couple of hours so we headed right to the cathedral.  It is a stunning sight.

Before we went in we decided to get a little snack.  There were several cafes that offered crepes, a family favorite, at a staggering 10 Euros each.  We decided to keep looking and I am so glad we did.  We found this little bakery with delicious pastries and they had coffee to go!  We were able to get all of our treats for 10 Euros and we had a great view of the front of the cathedral as we ate our snack.

The real fun started when we went inside.  The stained glass was amazing and the church itself was just stunning.

We didn't stay for the astronomical clock show this time, we are hoping to come back.

Garrett kept taking off and running through the church so he got buckled in.  

We explored the city a little bit more and then it was time to hit the road and drive back to Paris.  

We really enjoyed our time in Strasbourg, we had heard good things about the area and now we know why.  We are hoping to plan another trip back to this area. 

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