Monday, March 17, 2014

My last visit to the Foire de Chatou

This Saturday after we sent GeeGee off to the airport we loaded up the car and took the kids to Foire de Chatou.  My shopping buddy told me about this antique and brocante fair and I after I looked at the website I could not get their fast enough.  They advertised over 700 vendors and it was only 20 minutes from our house.  I had already been twice, but I knew that Jon would have fun and the kids would enjoy this too. 
We parked the car and made a short walk to the entrance.  Spring has sprung here and I am loving all of the beautiful flowers.  If you get their early there is free parking or you can have valet parking for 8 Euros.  The entrance fee this time was 6 Euros, totally worth it in my opinion.  The second time I went my friend and I got there right around 10 o'clock, opening time, and about half of the vendors were just opening up.  The French in general are NOT morning people.  We were thankful we didn't have to fight the crowds and it was fun seeing people setting up their displays.  

Malachi was not pleased about heading back to look at more antiques.  He was a hit though with all of the vendors.  The bigger kids were not as welcome, but we kept them very close and did not let them touch anything.  I was proud that we made it through the whole experience without anyone having to say anything about the kids' behavior.

Addie was excited to go shopping.  She ended up finding a vintage play mobil and was super excited.

There was a restaurant over looking the Seine, I loved this porch.  I am coming back to eat here when it warms up just a little bit more.

The view of the Seine.  This island is called île des Impressionnistes, and you can see why artists liked to come here.

Jon took the camera from me so he could take a photo.

We finally made it to the entrance!

My boys found some things that interested them.  Garrett wanted us to buy a sword so bad.

There were so many beautiful displays.  There were all price ranges and styles.

Just walking through a place like this made me happy.  I love seeing all of the beautiful pieces from the past and seeing all of the people that love them.  

The food here was amazing.

For lunch we had some amazing ham and veggies from this place.

There were also fresh oysters.

This whole aisle was full of different food vendors.  I love watching the French enjoy their meal.  They had glass stemware for their bottles of wine.  After their meal they enjoy an espresso, I even saw creme brûlée on the menu at one place.  

I shared a few more pictures with instagram  my account is hiltonfamily.

The fall dates for this event are scheduled for September 26 through October 5, I will be ready!

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