Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chateau de Robert le Diable

In May, when we were headed to Mont Saint Michel we were driving on the A13.  Just a little over an hour from Paris there is a set of ruins just off the interstate.  Jon loves ruins so we added this place to our list of places we wanted to visit.  

You can read about the history of the chateau here.

The site was very easy to find, you get off at the exit immediately after you see the castle, take a right and another right.  The gate was open at the bottom of the property, but that is where the good news ends.

There was a path around the building that you could walk, but all of the other gates and stairs were closed.  

We would have loved to explored the ruins further, but we had to be content with pictures from afar and lots of literature in French. 

It is still amazing to think of how long this structure has been here.

We did have a glorious day for our visit.

There was another small monument just off the road.

This monument was just down the mountain from the building.  This monument was erected for the men that were lost during the Franco Prussian War from the Moulineaux area.  There were also a few names from World War II as well. 

There used to be a beautiful view of the Seine from here, but over the years the trees have grown and now there is really no view.

This wasn't one of our favorite stops, but it is always interesting to get off the main road.

There is the Maison Brûlée just down the road that looked interesting.  The sight is about 15 minutes from the city of Rouen. 

One of our next adventures is going to be to Les Andyles, another older area just off of the A13.  I am hoping we have a little more luck there than with Robert the Devil.

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