Saturday, August 16, 2014


August 15 is a big holiday in France, it is Assumption Day, the day Mary the mother of Jesus ascended into heaven. The month of August is already pretty slow, but on August 15 almost everything is closed and everyone takes the day off.

We used the day to head out to the Chateau de Robert le Diable and then into Rouen.   We left the Chateau and drove north of Rouen to eat lunch at KFC.  I know it is not very French, but we like the food, they usually have a play area and free refills.  We had a great time at lunch and then we headed back into the city.  We didn't have many plans except to see the Cathedral and possibly a brocante I had read about.

We found our way to the cathedral and we found great parking.  The cathedral at Rouen did not disappoint.  We have seen a lot of amazing buildings since we moved to France and this one has a special place for a reason.   As we walked into the church someone started playing the organ.  The music they were playing had a very creepy sound.  You could see the kids start to get really uncomfortable.  I had to explain to both of the boys that the music was just coming from the pipes in the balcony and that nothing scary was going to happen.  When Ben realized that he had nothing to worry about he was fine.

This church is amazing.

They had a very interesting display on this cathedral during World War II.

I love watching Addie taking it all in.

Just across from the church is the Tourism Office.  They had a lot of information and we found a book about Joan of Arc.  We took our newly acquired map and walked to the old Market, the site of the burning of Joan of Arc.  

From the old market I pulled out my phone and started looking for the site of the brocante that I had read about.  The best site to find markets is Vide Greniers.  You can look up markets around the whole country.  I found some basic information for a garage sale type market in Rouen.  Addie, Malachi, and I headed out on foot to try and find it while the other boys went back to the car.  I underestimated just how far we would have to walk, but Addison was a trooper and did not complain even one time.  
Thankfully we eventually found our way to the market and made our way through the stalls.  We both found some treasures and we even found a few things that the boys would like.
Jon eventually was able to figure out where we were and came to pick us up.  I don't think that I could have walked back to the car if I had to.  

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