Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday FUNday

Sunday morning Jon and the kids woke up from their camping adventure.  They all made it all night in the tent.

They had so much fun.

After the camping adventure was all cleaned up we set off on a different trip.
The first Sunday of every month the museums of Paris are free to enter.  We decided to take Jon back to Chateau Malmaison.  This time around the chateau was much busier than the first time we went on a week day.  There were several tour groups going through the house.  If we had gotten there closer to 10 when they opened, rather than 11 when the tours were starting we would have been better off.

We still had a great time touring the house.

Admission was free, but we still paid the 2 euros each for the audio guide.  The guides help to entertain the kids and Jon enjoyed his.

This picture is my favorite from the day.  Napoleon crossing the Alps is so impressive in the room and this helps to capture the scale.

These chairs were so ornate

A family photo op.  I love this giant mirror.

Outside we found a different garden to explore.

They are working hard to re cultivate all of the beautiful flowers that Josephine loved so much.  

Then we headed around to the back of the house.

We made a quick trip to La Defense for lunch, the new Chipotle there is AMAZING.  Their burritos are delicious and they have free refills, that is a big deal here.  The only problem these days with eating out is how much our kids eat. We got them each their own small soft taco with, and then I had to go back and get them each a second taco and some chips.  The guys all laughed at me when I got back in line for more food.  

After lunch, and a good nap we had a beautiful afternoon and we took advantage of some trampoline fun.  Malachi loves being where the action is.

Addison has learned a new trick and it is so much fun to watch her.

Jon still has some fun moves on the trampoline too.

I love my family so much! I hope you had a great Sunday too.

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