Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Organized Jewelry

My jewelry has been sitting in a pile on the floor of my room for the last couple of weeks.  Before that it was somewhat organized on a shelf, but not really all that user friendly.  I also got my ears 
re-pierced this summer and I knew I was going to want to be able to go through my earring collection more regularly.

I have been brainstorming ideas that would work for me and I had a free afternoon.  My husband took all 4 children for a Saturday morning outing to the mall.  I had the whole house to myself for 3 hours.  It was amazing.   
  I used supplies from several different places, some things I still had in my stash from Texas, thrift store finds, Nick's shop, and the side of the road.  After I showed this to Jon he laughed and admitted he never thought I would use a lot of these little pieces.  He never tells me he thinks I'm crazy until after the fact.

This is what I came up with.  In the future I am excited to use it and see how it holds up.  There is probably some paint in the future for some of this once I know everything is going to work.  

The two boxes on the left hand side are great for rings, my pearl set and other little trinkets.

Here is my earring organization.  The frame has a piece of chain that I have earrings hooked through. Then there is a piece of burlap that I put all the stud earrings through.  The burlap is just clamped on with a vintage pink clamp from Nick's shop.  

The 5 peg holder is great for bracelets and necklaces that I wear often.

These hooks are great for long necklaces.

I love this vintage towel bar with the red roses, and it has plenty of storage for necklaces and bracelets.  

I used these brackets on the bottom to keep it from tipping over.

This piece fits perfectly in our sitting room, right between the bathroom and our closet.  We have a nice big sky light over head.  I think I am going to be wearing a lot more of my jewelry thanks to this fun new piece.

I love that if I want to add something new, I can.  If something isn't working then I can just move it.  I feel better about my decision to drag home random little items now that I have used some of them.
Have fun organizing !

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