Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

We were lucky enough to get to spend the 4th of July with our good friends the Landes Family. We drove up to the Woodlands Mall and parked our cars next to a nice grassy strip and then we headed over to the air conditioned mall for a little while.
On the way to the mall Ben had his first piece of watermelon.

The girls took a trip to Pottery Barn Kids, this is one of Addie's favorite stores to visit. Addie and Sarabeth had a great time checking out all of the cool toys and beautiful bedding.

From the mall we headed over to the fountains to let the kids have some fun.

We get asked all the time in Addie and Sarabeth are sisters. Addie is about 6 months older than Sarabeth, but they are almost the exact same size and they have very similar personalities.

Addie posing for the camera.

The girls were headed off to get balloon animals made.

We had some time to kill while we waited in line, I love their facial expressions.

After the fountains we headed back to our cars to wait for the fireworks. Ben dug into some more watermelon. We did feed him other things, but he makes such a mess while he enjoys his watermelon, it is too cute.

Sarabeth's little brother Nathan. He was such a good sport with all the heat. He was happy to stretch out on the blanket. I love little baby giggle and smiles.

While we waited for the fireworks we let the kids watch Toy Story 2. Addie loves the Toy Story movies right now, every day she tells me she wants a Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Penny doll for Christmas. The movie kept the kids happy while the adults got to visit.

It was a pretty late night for all of us, the fireworks didn't start until 9:30. Ben started to get a little worn out, but as long as he has a blanket he is a happy boy. It was a little stuffy in the back of the car and that is why the kids all look so sweaty, that and we live in Texas and it is just HOT all the time.

They did a couple of practice fireworks and each time Addie would cover her ears and keep them covered for a while.

Both kids ended up with me in the back of the car, they seemed to feel a little safer in there than out in the open. Once they got used to the fireworks they seemed to enjoy them.

Last year Ben was so tiny we didn't attempt to leave the house, this year we had so much fun celebrating the 4th with our good friends.

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  1. FUN! Love this photos-Ben and Addie are getting so big and gorgeous!!