Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun times in Florida

My mother has collected hedgehogs for years. She has all differnt kinds and they are all over her house. Addison loves to find the different hedgehogs. This little tea set is always one of her favorites. This trip she brought another hedgehog to the party, so cute.

Addie helping Nannie to water the flowers. I don't know why Addie looks so mad, you would think she was used to me taking pictures of her by now.

Nannie has lots of beautiful flowers to water.

Addie loves the wind chimes, the wind never does a good enough job though, she always helps them out.

My parents were amazed at Ben's banana eating. He puts away a banana so fast you think he must have dropped part of it on the floor, but no. When Jon and I were at the beach I found this outfit for Ben and thought it was so apporpriate.
And he is not walking yet. He has taken a couple of steps, but crawling is easier so he is sticking with that for now.

GeeGee and Bennett having a talk after work one night.

We were able to have a playdate with some of our friends. We had such a fun time catching up with our friends.

Ben having his morning banana with GeeGee.

Here Ben had put almost the whole banana in his mouth, he was having a good time.

We had a great time visiting with our family. On Friday I loaded up the car and packed the kids in and we headed out for the trip home, just the three of us. Everyone was nervous about me making the drive by myself, but we had a good time. We only stopped once, to get gas and eat lunch and we were able to make the trip home in just 11 hours. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and she told me not to do that again, thankfully I don't have any plans to make a trip that long by myself for a long time. It was defnitely worth it.

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  1. you always amaze me with your ability to travel so easily with your kids! i can't believe you only stopped once! we have to stop twice during a 2 hour drive!