Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Adventure begins

I know this post is way over due, but I have had my hands full here at home, better late than never, right?.
At the end of June we packed up the kiddos for an early morning start and left for our 12 hour drive to Florida. We had the kids in the car and we were on our way by 5 AM. We thought the kids would go back to sleep, but they were so excited they just wouldn't give in. I thought it would be a really long hard day, but the kids did great.

It did help that we had the built in DVD player as well as the travel DVD player. Addie got to watch Toy Story 1 and 2 on the trip.

Ben finally gave in and took a rest that morning.

He woke up hungry as usual. It was hard to give him snacks so I just handed back the whole container of puffs. He was so happy.

While Addie took her afternoon nap Ben got to use the DVD player for the first time. He is used to watching the built in movie in the van, but this was his first time with head phones. He didn't seem to mind them too much.

An hour from my parent's house we had to make an emergency stop. Ben was stinking up the van and when Jon went to change him we realized it was a big problem. Jon had it all under control, he is such a good dad.

How is it that kids know when you are getting close to your destination? Ben lost it about 20 minutes from my parents house. He was so ready to be out of his car seat. I gave him my cell phone so he could "talk". This is how he holds the phone, that or up to the back of his head. He does say Hi, it is too cute.

We finally made it to Nannie and GeeGee and Aunt Laura's house. We were all happy to be out of the car. Jon and the kids headed right for the pool.
This picture was taken the next morning. Everyone was up bright and early and ready for more water. I think my kids were part fish that week.

One more shot of all the kiddos in the pool.

Addie and Aunt Laura love watchign Princess movies together. Laura was a complete princess girl when she was Addie's age, it is so cute to watch them watch movies together now. I am not sure what is with the hamper on Addie. It is what all the toys go in so of course the first thing she does with it is dump all the toys out, she is such a little nut.

Here is Aunt Laura being a rock star and changing a very potent diaper that Ben had. Jon and I knew we were leaving our kids in very capable hands as we left them to have a weekend, just the two of us! This was my first time to leave Ben with anyone, and I think only my second time to leave Addie.

Our first stop once we left the kiddos was the new Panama City Beach Pier. I was a little surprised that we had to pay just to walk out on the Pier, but it was a beautiful day and the view was beautiful. We got to see a lot of people fishing and a few people even caught some fish.

The view from our hotel stairwell. The beaches were gorgeous.

This is how we spent quite a bit of our time. It was quite hot, but the pool was so nice and refreshing.

One of our goals of this trip was to get some good seafood. We found a great All you can eat crab leg buffet. Jon was in heaven. I really enjoyed myself too. We did talk quite a bit about how much Addie would love to get as many crab legs as she could eat. Isn't funny how much you talk about your kids when they aren't around?

Here is my first belly shot. I am 15 weeks in this picture. I have a little bit of a bump, but it depends on what I am wearing. Little Scout is growing strong.

Here we are on one of our evening walks. The beach is so beautiful and so peaceful at sunset. It is one of my favorite times at the beach.
It was so nice to have a weekend for the two of us to relax and have fun. We are so thankful that we have family that take such good care of our kids.

We had a great weekend together and on Monday morning Nannie and Aunt Laura brought the kiddos out to the beach for some fun. Unfortunately that was the morning that a terrible storm blew threw. We waited for the rain and lightening to stop and then we ran out the beach so that Addie could look for shells and play in the sand. She had been talking about it all weekend.
Here Addie is using a shovel that I used when I was a little girl. That shovel has played in sand and snow and been a lot of places. It is so neat to see Addie play with it now.

The weather was pretty bad that morning and my camera was not cooperating so I didn't get many good pictures. Ben did not like the sand at all. Every time we tried to put his feet in it he would get so mad. He was happy to sit with Nannie and Aunt Laura while Addie played.

Jon had to head home, but it was definitely a fun trip. The kids and I got to head back to the house for a fun filled week with family.

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