Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Scout

Here is Baby Scout. We went in for our ultrasound today and everything looks great, I am 19 weeks and 1 day so almost half way. It is hard to belive how soon this baby will be here with us. We are so thankful to have a healthy baby. The ultrasound technician was very good about not telling us the gender, when she was looking at certain parts of the baby she told us to look away. She does know and said that if we wanted to call back she could always tell us. Jon is completely content to not know, I am still kind of having a hard time with it. Addie and Ben came with us, Ben was tired and spent most of the time crawling around the room. Addie thought it was neat, but when we listened to the heart beat it was so loud it scared her and she spent the rest of the scan with her hands over her ears. I am sure we will have some interesting conversations in the coming days.
Here is a profile shot of our little baby, definitely looks like a Hilton baby.

Scout' precious little feet. To see these precious little feet the tech had to look above my belly button. The baby kept stretching out and wiggling around so much. Scout put both hands up near his/her face, gave us a thumbs up, and for most of the ultrasound had the hiccups. The hiccups were a first for me during an ultraound. Every ultrasound has been so different and this one was special to have the whole family there. The doctor said that everything looks great for Scout and I both. We are all looking forward to a great trip to Maine at the end of the week.


  1. Praise the Lord for a healthy baby! I'm going to guess it's a boy. And I also think his name should begin with a "C" so you have an A,B and C and they can all wear initial shirts and you can line them up and take pictures. I'm a dork.