Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ben's new love

Bennett has mastered an important new skill this week, no he isn't walking yet. He has learned how to use a straw. Last night we needed to run to the store and while we were out we got a couple of milkshakes from Chic Fil A. Ben was very tired and was being kind of whiney. When we got home Jon gave him his straw to see if he could get anything and Bennett was in Heaven! He drank as much as Jon would let him have, it was adorable. We are going to have to start buying another milk shake for the kiddos to share when we do our favorite yummy treat.
Here are the kids posing for a cute sibling pic. Jon was right there to catch them if they started to wobble.

Ben and his new love.

Ben practicing his new skills with a spoon. He is learning so much right now it is hard to keep up.

This is something I am excited about. I have been looking for a new table for our breakfast nook for a while now. I loved our old table, we bought it shortly after we bought our first house and it has been a great table, but it was just too big for this space. I am already having trouble making my way around the table to clean and it is only going to get harder. When I found this little table on Craigslist I was so excited, it fit perfectly in the back of my wonderful mini van. Jon laughs at me because I love our kitchen and breakfast area so much more now, it is the little things for a stay at home mom.


  1. I love how proud Addy looks holding her little brother's hand, and her shirt says it all!

  2. Cute pictures! and the breakfast room looks great!
    Bet it is easier to maneuver...

  3. Love the new kitchen table, especially with the red chairs!