Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturdays at CFA

It seems like our Saturday lunch routine is a family trip to Chick Fil A. We used to just call it CFA when we were trying to decide if we were going there, but now Addie knows what CFA means. This week our local CFA did a Christmas in July special. They had Santa and the Cow elf and they gave away free milkshakes. It was a great day.
Ben loves to play with Addie. He usually just tries to climb up the slide and Jon or I spend the whole time pulling him back down so he doesn't get clobbered by the big kids. This week there weren't that many people so the kids were able to play.

This week we tried out the free peach milkshake, Ben was a fan, big surprise. I ended up putting some in a little cup for him, when I finally had to take that cup away from him in teh car he had a complete meltdown, he really likes his milkshakes.

Addie and Ben meeting Sanata. Addie was much more willing to meet with Santa now that she has made the connection that Santa brings presents. She climbed right up into his lap for a picture and proceeded to tell him what she wanted for Christmas, this week it is a Buzz Lightyear and a Woody. We explained to her that Santa is on vacation so she won't be getting any presents any time soon, she seemed okay with that.


  1. oh my! i wish i had known about the free shake! are you a fan of your local CFA on facebook? they send out updates for their things they do. i know they had dora at ours one thursday, but we missed it!

  2. I am on their email list and they also put out a monthly calendar with all of their activities. The CFA near our house is awesome, they constantly do fun, family events. They usually have a weekly story time with a craft and everything. It is dangerous to have any other reason to go to CFA besides the yummy food.