Friday, December 10, 2010

Daddy's Little Helpers

Jon has always talked about putting Christmas lights up on the outside of our house, but with deployments and always traveling over the holidays it has never happened. This year we are going to be spending Christmas here and the kids love outside lights so we definitely wanted to put lights up.
I haven't gotten a picture of the finished product yet, but here are some pictures of the kids while they 'helped' Jon put up the lights.
Ben was only outside for a couple of minutes before he found mud to play in. He also kept getting into the street and running as fast as he could. He is getting faster and I am getting slower, it was a good thing the neighbors were all out and Nannie was their to help me catch him.

Addie helped by singing and dancing. She made friends with a little girl who is in town visiting family. It was a fun night on our street.

Scout and I trying to help. This is right at 37 weeks.

Then Daddy got some more help doing the dishes. The kids absolutely love this, they try and push the chairs up to the sink every chance they get.

Ben needed a little snack, he loves bread, any kind of bread.

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