Friday, December 10, 2010

Playing at the Park

Addie and her friend Sarabeth taking a break on the swing.

Practicing their balance beam skills.

Ben likes goind down the slide, but he will only go backwards. He got a little too brave and I had to climb up a slide and go down with him, it was a twisty slide and it was not pretty.

Sarabeth's little brother, Nathan, he was having fun playing too.

Addie saying "Hi" to Nathan.

Scout and I hanging out at the park, it is a good thing Nannie has been here to help, keeping up with both kids at the park is a work out for me right now.

Our Little man loves playing outside.

Being sweet for a minute.

Happy kiddos, I love it.

I was being silly trying to get the kids to smile, it worked!

The kids tried out frosted animal crackers for the first time, they were a hit.

Both Addie and Ben loved them, and so did all of our friends. I love it when one of my random coupon purchases turns otu to be yummy.

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