Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We are really starting to get into the holiday spirit around here. Nannie has done a wonderful job getting our house decorated and the 'chilly' weather has made it fun to walk around the neighborhood at night and ooh and ahh at all of the decorated houses. Addie started wearing Christmas jammies the other night, this pair is special, they have been worn by my little sister and my cousin and now Addie. I love when things are saved and passed down so I had to get some pictures.
Here is a video Jon took, I love hearing Addie's thoughts about Christmas.

Yesterday Addie had her very first performance at the preschool she goes to. I have been so afraid that I would go into labor and not be their for Addie to sing her songs, thankfully Scout has stayed put and we were all able to see Addie sing her little heart out. She looked so sweet all ready in her snowflake dress.
Ben wanted to be in the picture too. Scout gets lots of love these days as my belly gets bigger and bigger.
Ben was ready and waiting for the performance to start. There were lots of fidgety little brothers and sisters. We sat next to our friend, Xander, who was willing to share his toys since we forgot to bring any.

Once the kids came in it was very hard to get any pictures, this is a zoomed in shot of Addie singing "This Little Light of Mine".

Addie was in the front row and she did such a good job of standing still, we were all so proud of her.

Everyone was dressed up so we tried to get a few pictures before we took Daddy out for his Birthday lunch. Addie and Ben were sweet at first.

We had a little bit more trouble getting a good family picture.

Jon and I traded and we were able to get a decent picture of the 4 of us.

Here are Scout and I, it was pretty funny watching me try and stand up, I am moving pretty slow these days.

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