Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Thanksgiving this year was a special treat, my family brought dinner to us. We were supposed to drive to Dallas to spend the holiday at my Aunt and Uncle's house, but doctor vetoed that idea. My Mom, Dad, Sister and their two dogs came to stay for a copule of days and Aunt Wendy, Uncle Joe and Mikey all came for dinner.
Here are Mondie and Addie getting reaquainted. When we lived with my parents when Addie was little they used to look out the window just like this.

When Mondie left Ben wanted to see what they were looking at.

There was so much excitement during the day that Ben wore himself out and had to take a little snooze in the chair with Daddy.

Everyone was ready to dig in, everything looked and smelled so good.

Ben with his Turkey Day Bib on, it didn't last very long and neither did his time in his high chair.

Ben, me, Nannie and Addie. Addie helped me put all of the place cards out this year, she had fun helping me decide where everyone should sit.

Mikey, Uncle Joe and Aunt Wendy. Aunt Wendy brought almost the whole meal to us, My mom took care of the turkey and a few things and Aunt Wendy did everything else. It was a very relaxing day for me and everyone really enjoyed getting to spend time together.

We have a picture of Mikey chowing down on a turkey leg when he was Addie's age.

Enjoing our new fire pit, one of my Black Friday finds at Target.

GeeGee and Ben having a moment.

Addie enjoying a hot dog that was cooked over the fire, YUM!

The kids loved the fire, but they made everyone a little nervous.

Aunt Wendy and Mikey.

Aunt Laura enjoying some yummy s'mores.

Addie and her Aunt Laura.

Ben holding still long enough for a picture with Aunt Laura too.

Mikey loving on Pinot, she is one of the most cuddly dogs I have ever seen. I didn't get any other good pictures of her because she was always cuddled up with someone.

Ben finally started to slow down.

We had such a wonderful visit with everyone and Nannie gets to stay! Only a couple more weeks until we get to meet Scout.

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