Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was Addie's Thanksgiving feast at school. Last year I didn't go to Addie's Thanksgiving Feast and Addie let me know afterward that it was a mistake. This year Jon and I made sure we were there. Garrett was very excited to be able to go this year.
We were so happy to be there this year because the kids did a little show.
The kids were such good listeners. The show they did was so cute. I am having trouble getting the video uploaded, but I will keep trying.
Garrett had a great time watching the performance, but he got very upset when Jon put him on the ground. I think it had to do with his super cute boots that he was wearing, I don't think they were that comfortable. He can work up tears faster than any of our other children.
Addie was so happy to see her daddy.
My two little indians, I wanted to get a picture of them together, but Ben wouldn't let Addie stand very close to her and they would not smile. Can you tell it is nap time? They are both taking great naps right now.
We are so excited for Thanksgiving this year. Addie wrote on her placemat at school that she is Thankful for her family. I love it.

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